Is the ISA 110 still available?

These units were discontinued some time ago and there are no new units left in stock here at Focusrite UK or with any of our international distributors. They are difficult to find second hand so we suggest checking out the current ISA range - 220, 428 or 430 MkII. The mic pre and EQ circuits in these units are the same as those in the 110, except for the added 'switchable input impedance' features on the 428 and 430 MkII. The current ISA channel strips offer much more above the 110 interms of features and all have the option of an internal A/D converter card. To top this it will probably cost you just as much or more for a second hand 110 as a new ISA unit from the current range. Click the links below to check out each of the current ISA products:

ISA 220
ISA 428
ISA 430 MkII